Gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation

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Gluteoplasty is a procedure for buttock augmentation for those patients who want more volume. It is a procedure that is in greater demand every day, it can be performed by placing silicone implants or lipotransfer, obtaining more harmonious buttocks with the patient's body.

What is there to know about Gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation?

As in any procedure, the consumption of medications that increase the risk of bleeding such as: aspirin, vitamin E, ginseng, as well as tobacco, alcohol, ginger tea, should be suspended for 20 days prior to surgery. The attending physician should be informed if they have suffered from the flu, fever, diarrhea or any other entity that compromises the good prognosis, as well as if they are taking any other medication.
Spinal or peridual anesthesia, hospitalization for 12-24 hours, the resulting incision is hidden between both buttocks (in the midline). The implant is placed in the intramuscular plane in a superior position, so it is not felt on them. As a result, a harmonious figure is obtained between the buttocks and the patient's body.
The patient must lie face down for approximately 7 days, avoiding trauma and pressure on the buttocks. After 7 days, the patient begins to sit up and slowly lie down on her back, as the inflammatory process decreases. Analgesics and antibiotics are indicated, a drain is placed for 24-48 hours and massage and ultrasound are recommended.

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