Liposculpture BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift

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Liposculpture is body shaping by extracting fatty tissue through liposuction in certain areas of the body. It is the most frequently requested cosmetic procedure. As a result, important changes are achieved in the body environment. This procedure can be combined with other aesthetic procedures such as abdominoplasty, facial surgery and others.

BBL liposculpture

We specialize in BBL Liposculpture (Brazilian Butt Lift) with fat transfer. We take your own localized fat in unwanted places and transfer it to your buttocks to achieve natural and long-lasting aesthetic results. Being your own fat, your body will not reject it and it will be incorporated almost immediately.

What is there to know about Liposculpture?

As in any procedure, the consumption of medications that increase the risk of bleeding such as: aspirin, vitamin E, ginseng, as well as tobacco, alcohol, ginger tea, should be suspended for 20 days prior to surgery. The attending physician should be informed if they have suffered from the flu, fever, diarrhea or any other entity that compromises the good prognosis, as well as if they are taking any other medication.
It can be performed with local anesthesia, sedation, spinal anesthesia. 2 mm holes are made in areas of poor visibility through which the channels are introduced, both to infiltrate and to extract the extra thick tissue, thus achieving body shaping. This procedure is more important than the amount that is extracted, in order to achieve a good functioning of the other organs of the body and a better recovery.
The patient is hospitalized for 12-24 hours, post-operative girdle is used for 35 days for better patient evolution, reducing edema and allowing skin retraction. Lymphatic drainage massages, ultrasound and gel are recommended for skin reduction. Patients manage to insert themselves into work activity in 2-3 weeks depending on the case.

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