Breast lift

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Breast Lift is a procedure aimed at restoring the shape and texture of the breast after pregnancy. It can be done with the patient's breast tissue or with the placement of breast implants, depending on each particular case.

What is there to know about Breast Lift?

The consumption of medications that increase the risk of bleeding such as: aspirin, vitamin E and Ginseng, as well as tobacco, alcohol, and ginger tea, should be stopped at least two weeks before. The attending physician should be informed if he has suffered from fever or diarrhea in the previous days.
A spinal block or general anesthesia is performed. There are different techniques depending on the acting surgeon. The resulting scar can be perirareolar, or inverted (this being the most common). Also, it can be vertical. The areola and nipple are relocated to the highest level, as well as the accommodation of the glandular tissue to give greater projection to the upper pole. Depending on the case, a breast implant can be used.
The patient is discharged 12 to 24 hours after surgery and a post-surgical bra is placed for approximately 6 weeks. Analgesics and antibiotics are indicated for 5-7 days. She should not make sudden efforts, nor drive the first 3 weeks or perform local massages on the breast. All this to improve prognosis and recovery.

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